How To Prevent Razor Bumps

Getting a close shave can help you look prim and proper. It can also make you look more attractive to the opposite sex.  However, if you have curly hair, then you know how easy it is for you to get the dreaded razor bump.  Not only is it irritating and itchy, it makes you look less attractive. These are probably among the main reasons why you’re looking for ways to prevent razor bumps.

The good news is: you don’t have to deal with razor bumps or burns. Follow the tips below on how to not get razor bumps, and for sure, you won’t be spotted with cuts and red patches on your chin anymore:

Thoroughly Wet Your Beard Before Shaving

This is one of the most important steps in getting a smooth shave without any irritation. Remember that facial hair can absorb moisture very well, and up to 30 percent of its volume. Moistening it will make the hair easier to cut.

You may even shower first before shaving, so that your beard would be properly moistened. If it is not possible, just rinse your face and place a warm, wet towel on your chin for a couple of minutes. And remember to never put shaving products on your dry face, as this is one of the main causes of razor burn.

Use Good Quality Shaving Cream

One of the best ways to reduce razor bumps on the face is to apply  good quality shavinGood Quality Shaving Creamg cream on your face before cutting facial hair. Find a shaving cream with a high concentration of moisturizers and lubricants.

A good shaving cream would be one that creates a creamy lather. Less foaming in the shaving cream is more ideal, too, because all that matters is what is in contact with the skin and the hair. You’d also like the cream to create enough slip for the razor to glide effortlessly and smoothly across your face.

Ideally, you should leave the cream on your chin or face for a minimum of one minute before you start shaving.

Use a Shaving Brush

A shaving brush is another indispensable tool for men who are prone to razor bumps. This brush can do several things. One is that it helps lift the hair, making a closer cut possible. With the aid of the shaving cream, it assists in creating a rich and creamy lather. And lastly, it helps in removing dead skin cells that significantly lessens the chance of razor burns and blemishes.

Using the Right Razor

When you shave, make sure that you have a good quality, sharp razor blade. Since you are prone to razor bumps, the use of a single blade razor is more recommended than a multiple blade razor.

Shaving with a sharp, single-blade razor lessens the risks of getting razor bumps. A single edge razor blade moves across the skin at a gentler angle. It cuts through beard hairs cleanly and without pulling it.

On the other hand, razors with more than one blade can give you a closer shave. This increases the possibility that your coarse hair will curl downwards and back into the skin.

And as much as possible, use only a razor blade five times at the maximum before replacing it. Using dull blades would lead you to go over the same area of your face multiple times, and this can result to razor bumps and irritation.

Don’t put too much pressure on the razor. Let the razor do most of the work. The weight of the shaving device should be enough to cut the hair, thus there’s no need for you to press too hard. Using shorter strokes will also help you avoid pressing too hard on your skin.After shaving, rinse the blade thoroughly.


Many guys tend to believe that shaving is done after they have put down their razors.  But they overlook the importance of cleaning and moisturizing the face after shaving.

In fact, the skin is at its most vulnerable to irritation after shaving. So you need to rinse it with warm water. You can also use a facial wash with high amounts of tea tree oil, a good antiseptic that can cleanse the skin and protect it from spots and rashes.

After cleaning the skin, rinse it with cool water. This should help in closing the pores. Then pat the skin dry using a clean towel. Never rub your face.

You’re not yet done with your shaving. After rinsing and patting your skin toCleansing dry, finish off the process with an aftershave moisturizer. This would replace the lost moisture on the skin, as well as in smoothening it. Use only moisturizers made for after-shave, as those made for women are too greasy.

You won’t go wrong with the Bevel Shave if razor bumps have been a perennial concern for you. This shaving kit, which includes a single blade razor as well as a priming oil, shaving cream, restoring balm, and badger brush, is particularly designed for guys who have curly hair and thus prone to razor burn and irritation.

The Bevel razor is the star of the kit, and for good reason. Instead of having multiple blades, it only has a single blade.  It is engineered to cut through coarse hair without being too aggressive. You can expect to get a smooth shave without pulling, tugging, and irritation while using this razor.

The razor is complemented by a priming oil that protects the skin before you shave. It also has a hydrating shave cream and a restoring balm that repairs the skin and restores its moisture after shaving. Plus, you can use the badger brush in lifting the hairs and making the shave even smoother.

Indeed, you don’t have to deal with the discomfort and embarrassment of having razor bumps.  Just follow these tips on how to prevent razor bumps and you should be on your way to having a face that is free from lumps, bumps and rashes.