What is The Best Shaving Method for Black Men?

Black men know that shaving can be quite an ordeal. Since they have predominantly curly hair, black guys are prone to razor bumps or what is also known as barbers itch. Through the years, many grooming and health experts have thought of methods and tips on how to prevent razor bumps, but what is the best shaving method for black men?

How to get rid of razor bumps on black men is a question that grooming andWhat is The Best Shaving Method for Black Men? health experts have tried to answer for years. Razor bumps may seem like a minor issue, but the truth is that it’s not. After all, it can cause scarring, irritation, and pimples.

There have been numerous suggestions on how to treat this condition, ranging from the use of special skin cream like hydrocortisone and tretinoin. African American razor bump treatment also includes home remedies such as cold compress, apple cider vinegar, and honey.

Prevention is better than cure, they say, so experts have come up with black men shaving tips that can help thwart the onset of barbers itch. These tips include:

Shaving Every Other Day

One of the often suggested ways of preventing razor bumps is maintaining a shaving schedule. Black men are encouraged to shave every two days instead of every day so that their skin would have enough time to heal. The shaving-every-other-day method also means there won’t be time for the hair to curl back into the skin.

Black men are also advised to massage their freshly shaven skin a day after shaving. This is said to aid in loosening and removing dead skin, and preventing hair from coiling back into the skin.

Proper Direction of Shaving

Grooming experts agree that the best way to shave hair is to shave it in the direction that the hair is growing, instead of in the opposite direction. More often than not, men’s hair grows in a downward direction. The idea is that doing so would give black men a clean shave, and not a close shave.

Black guys are also advised not to go over the same area frequently, as this will shave the hair too closely. After shaving, rinsing the skin with cold water and patting it dry are a must for guys prone to razor bumps.

Careful Shaving

Razor bumps are often aggravated by nicks and cuts caused by shaving too quickly. Black men are usually told that they should never shave for less than a minute or so because haste can cause abrasions that may worsen barber’s itch. Shaving slowly and with care can go a long way towards preventing razor bumps.


Exfoliating the skin using a scrub and warm water is important for black men. This practice will assist in clearing out pores, removing dead skin cells and evening the skin tone. It is also encouraged that men massage water into the hair that they would be shaving. This would soften the hair and make the shaving process a lot easier.

After Shave

Application of a hydrating aftershave liquid or cream is recommended for black men. Aftershave products with ingredients like Aloe Vera and tea tree oil can lessen discomfort and redness of the skin, aside from preventing razor bumps. The use of alcohol-based aftershave products is discouraged because it can cause dryness, aside from giving the skin an ashy appearance.

Light and Short Strokes

Putting too much pressure when using a razor can increase a guy’s chances of getting razor bumps. In fact, the weight of a typical razor is enough to cut the beard so there’s really no need to apply too much pressure at all. Using short and light strokes should prevent a person from applying too much pressure with the razor.

Using a Razor Bump Cream

There are products in the market that are said to be effective in preventing razor bumps. Called razor bump cream, these items are advertised to be effective in preventing ingrown hair from growing.

Drying Blade After Use

Immediately drying off the blade using a towel after shave can prevent the blade from dulling fast. This can also make the blade stay sharp for the next shave.

Safety Razor for Black Skin

All of the above mentioned tips may contribute to the prevention of razor burns, but perhaps the most effective of the lot would be the use of single blade razors. Here’s why.

Through the past few decades, men were led to believe that the use of a multi-blade razor is the best shaving method. That may be true for guys who want to finish their shave in 30 seconds or less especially on Monday mornings, but it definitely won’t work for black men who have curly hair.

The problem with a multi-blade cartridge is that the blades are too close with each other. There’s not enough space between each cutting edge. The razor thus is unable to cleanly cut the hair.

shaving for black men

For guys with curly hair, the use of multi-blade razor can be problematic too. While a multi-blade cartridge can give them a close shave, the use of such razor also increases the likelihood of their hair getting caught underneath the skin and becoming inveterate. The irritated hair follicles may then swell up and form red razor bumps.

A double edge safety razor, meanwhile, makes use of a single blade that passes through the skin at a more comfortable angle. The blade is able to cut the hair cleanly, without pulling excessively pulling or grabbing the hair.

The single blade razor may not look sexy or contemporary by today’s standards, but it’s very effective and safe for black men. It is also the reason why black guys a century ago didn’t have razor bumps.

The Bevel Razor is the best illustration of how a single blade razor works well for black men. Developed by techie and entrepreneur Tristan Walker, himself a black guy, the Bevel Razor is getting a lot of press for its ability to prevent razor bumps. Indeed the use of a single blade razor is the best shaving method for black men.