A Beginner’s Guide To Preventing And Removing Razor Bumps

Bodily hair growth is something that can always be found on both males and females. It is generally attributed to hormonal changes or genetics; however, it can be caused by different physical conditions as well. Dealing with this unwanted hair can be challenging but there are various types of natural methods that can be used. One of the most well known and frequently utilized methods is that of shaving. Despite being very effective, it does present with certain limitations and difficulties including razor bumps and burns. This article will provide information on the problems experienced when shaving with particular focus placed on the process of removing razor bumps.

Using Active Ingredients

There are various skin care products that aim to reduce and prevent unwanted hair growth, however notbevel-cream-1500 all of them are effective. In order to locate the ideal hair removal products it is best to seek out skin care products containing active ingredients. An active ingredient is a component proven to moisturize, exfoliate and clear skin pores allowing for easier hair removal. The most common active ingredient, and the most effective, is that of salicyclic acid.

Salicyclic acid can be found in certain plants and is generally utilized as a fungicide; however, it is also present in many skin care products to prevent hair growth and clear skin blemishes. This protection can also be beneficial to individuals looking to remove excess hair growth as it provides a prolonged stability in the skin acidity. It should be noted that while active ingredients, including salicyclic acid, can be found in alcohol based products it is not recommended that this is utilized. Alcohol based products may be effective in odor prevention but dries out one’s skin and increases irritation.

Preparing The Skin

To ensure successful removal of unwanted hair and skin blemishes it is recommended that one prepare the skin. The first step is to exfoliate the area and this will promote the presentation of clear skin. Exfoliation refers to the removal of dead upper layers of skin and this can be done with face scrubs and pumice stones. It should be noted that pumice stones should not be utilized on one’s face as it can be painful. Instead, it is recommended that one utilize a soft bristle face brush and rub it in a circular motion on the area. This is especially useful in dislodging ingrown hairs and clearing follicles.

Another means of preparing the skin and reducing razor bumps is through the use of particular, high quality skin care products. Traditional shaving soaps provide a strong amount of lubrication making shaving less abrasive. A second advantage of using these shaving soaps is the price. Unlike more expensive perfumed soaps, the traditional shaving soap is not very costly and is more affordable for people working with budgets.

The Shaving Technique

As is mentioned above, the act of shaving can be very abrasive and the primary cause of razor bumps is shaving too close to the skin. By shaving too close one pushes the hair stubs into the open hair follicle, which can lead to an ingrown hair. The best shaving technique to utilize is a slow, small stroke technique moving in the direction of hair growth. It is also recommended that one tap the razor under hot water between each stroke. This tapping will clean the razor and release the removed hair from the razor. It is advised that one does not place too much pressure on the razor as this can lead to burns and cuts.

Post-Shave Maintenance

tristan-walker-1While warm water can assist in exfoliating the skin and opening pores, cold water can assist in closing the pores and tightening the skin. In addition to shaving care, one must also consider the post-shaving care as this contributes to the appearance of razor bumps. After shaving it is recommended that one splash cold water over the shaven skin. Ice can also be used to cool and clear the skin without drying it out. Many individuals will opt to apply tea tree oil instead of ice as it moisturizes, soothes and cools the area.

Removal Of Ingrown Hairs

As can be seen from the above information, ingrown hairs can appear easily; however, they are not as simple to remove. Firstly, they cannot be removed using a razor. In fact, utilizing a razor for this purpose will only lead to skin damage and more ingrown hairs. To remove these hairs one should utilize items that will prise the hair out, the most traditional device being metal tweezers. If the hair is deeply ingrained it may be beneficial to use a sterilized needle to lift the hair out.

Contrary to popular belief, the ingrown hair must not be plucked out as fine hairs are. It is recommended that one lift the ingrown hair out to remove it, as is described above. If the hair is plucked it may lead to swelling, redness, itching and re-growth.

Final Words On The Matterrazor1

Skin care and hair removal is important to the majority of individuals and completing effective skin care can be difficult. By utilizing the information above one will be able to engage in successful skin care techniques using high quality resources and producing efficient results. It is always best to complete one effective skin care technique instead of undergoing several poor techniques.